Sunday, September 28, 2008


Through BizBash Washington's website, I came across a some very useful information. At the 2008 Affordable Meetings National Conference and Expo, there were many cool gadgets that were introduced to its attendees. Among them was, Mingle360. I think this is the perfect tool for networking.

Mingle360 is an object similar to a simple USB device that can hang from your key chain. As on end is a USB, the other is like a remote control. You simply point the MingleStick to another person's MingleStick and press a button. When the button is pressed, a wireless connection is made ad a green light of confirmation is made. The green light means that your information (name, company, e-mail, address) has been exchanged with another person at a networking event.

After, you can simply put the MingleStick into your computer to see all the contacts you have exchanged with others. You can also log the Mingle360 website to manage you account. You can also use it to message others that you have met through MingleManager. It also cares about your privacy. Only your "best friends" are able to see all of your information. Others are only able to see your name a the state you live in.

I think that this device is just so convenient to any type of networking event. You never have to worry about not having enough business cards. If you ever have to edit your information, you don't have to print millions of new business cards. You can simply plug the MingleStick into your computer and edit the information.

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